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Ceiling Luminaires

Ceiling lights are the essential light source of any room. Just like in nature, ceiling lights provide light from above and create a natural feeling of brightness. Therefore, there is hardly any room that does not have ceiling lighting. Casablanca LICHT ceiling lights provide pleasant ceiling lighting in living rooms of any kind.

Types and applications

When choosing the right ceiling light, the spatial conditions and the purpose of the room must be taken into account.

Whether bright general light, glare-free indirect light or atmospheric light accents - in the Casablanca Licht ceiling light program there is a lighting solution for almost every purpose.

Ceiling Light by Casablanca

Quality & Assembly

Due to the high-quality workmanship and materials that stand the test of time, such as mouth-blown glass and hand-brushed or lacquered aluminum, you will enjoy a Casablanca Licht ceiling light for a long time.

Our ceiling lights are also easy to assemble and offer the hassle-free replacement option of LED bulbs.

Ceiling Lighting

In our range of ceiling lights you will find lighting solutions for every lighting requirement: Modern design lights for the living room, glare-free lights for the bedroom, flat surface-mounted ceiling lights for hallways or bathrooms, bright ceiling lights for the home office or small lights for the guest toilet. Casablanca ceiling lights are characterized by high-quality materials and quality made in Germany.

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